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What is Demcon?

Third Annual Workshop of the

Consortium on Democratic Constitutionalism

University of Victoria

1-3 December 2006

Demcon 2006 Conference:

Storied Communities: Narratives of Contact and Arrival in Constituting Political Community


The purpose of this conference is to explore how stories and how narratives, shape our sense of community - perhaps even provide the substance of community. And it will do so by working from narratives of Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal contact and narratives of arrival (immigration).


The workshop will pick up themes from the 2004 Demcon conference and from a previous conference organized at UVic on contact narratives. The role of narrative has important implications for such controversies as the "history wars" over the interpretation of Aboriginal history in Australia, or the sense of agency of immigrant communities. We also believe it is important to bring the two types of narratives together, so that narratives of contact and of arrival do not proceed in isolation. We suspect that taking narrative seriously has important implications for how we understand and attempt to address societies' conflicts.



The first Annual Conference took place October 1-3 2004.






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