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What is Demcon?

Annual Graduate Conference

A Virtual Conference for Graduate Students

Each northern spring Demcon will host a virtual conference for Graduate Students. The theme will mirror that of the Demcon conference to take place the subsequent fall.

Students will apply to participate in the on-line conference by submitting a paper proposal and cv. Those accepted will submit papers, which will then be posted on the website. Each paper will be discussed by a Faculty member associated with Demcon. An online bulletin board will be set up so that all participants can post additional comments.

The conference committee will select one or two of the best graduate papers for inclusion in the fall conference. Students who are selected will receive a substantial travel subsidy from Demcon.

The aim of these conferences is to develop collaboration amongst graduate students as well as between graduate students and senior researchers in the field.

Watch here for updates on Demcon's 2010-2011 activities

2010 Conference:
Indigenous Law in Coast Salish Traditions

2010 Conference Summary and Discussion Forum

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